Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

About Us

Jeff Jones

Mission Statement

Our mission is uncomplicated: We leave no stone unturned in pursuing fact and truth about matters of actual importance. We further believe comedy and dark humor are equally important—it is no coincidence that the name of our fine magazine is misspelled (you did notice it, didn’t you?) We hope the gesture reflects our worldview that imperfection is all around us and that it is good. First and foremost, we strive to serve our readers and enrich society.

Editorial Standards and Practices

Our hard-working journalists live by the most elevated standards of accuracy, whether covering local politics, international affairs, straight-up gossip, petty crime and scandal, the global financial industries, independent film awards, another European royal family, or tantalizing tidbits of the average guy’s life.

More often than not, it is not your chosen topics but how you deliver them that separates us from the competition. We provide what you want and need.

We wholeheartedly encourage our writers, photographers, still and video artists, and editors to leverage personal experience, informed perspective, and intuition and give our readers and followers the most precise possible picture of what is happening worldwide. All our original stories are fact-checked, peer-reviewed, copyedited, and subject to legal review before publication. We are by no means perfect, which is why we regularly publish self-corrections. Everybody makes mistakes now and then. The question is – do you learn from yours?

We view the integrity of journalism and the free press as exceptionally high. The First Amendment to our Constitution, is critical to building a better world based on better and sound ideas.

About Jeff

Jeremy “Jeff” Jones is the editor-in-chief of this magazine. Since arriving in the family in 2019, Jeff has repositioned our print and web material as a scientific barometer, literally and figuratively.

Among the many success stories under Jeff’s leadership, the team enjoys endeavors that have given us deadline awards. They have also encountered substantial growth in their subscription business and social media footprint across platforms.

Honestly, no one cares where you come from. Do we trust our captain to reach new heights again and again? Then we are more than good enough.

“Please don’t ‘Mr. Jones’ me.”

Our origin story

In the 1950s, ex-carpenter Harold Whitman started a newspaper in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Harold’s News began in a small building on Hamilton Street. The paper quickly became popular. People loved its integrity and detailed reporting. Harold and his team covered many topics, ranging from local politics to international news.

By the 1960s, the paper reached nearby towns. Harold faced business challenges but always maintained quality. He used new printing technology to stay ahead. The 1980s brought cable TV and 24-hour news. Harold’s son, Robert, led the shift to digital. In the 1990s, they launched a website. It was one of the first in Pennsylvania.

The digital shift had challenges. Long-time readers were skeptical, and the team had to learn new technologies. Yet, their commitment to quality journalism remained strong.

The website grew with interactive features, real-time updates, and multimedia, which attracted younger readers. By the 2000s, Harold’s Time was an online news platform. The site was rebranded “Hearld News”, intentionally misspelled. They formed partnerships with international correspondents. The platform covered global events with the same integrity as before.

Today, Hearld News is a leading news outlet. Its journey from a local paper to a global platform shows innovation and resilience. Harold Whitman’s original vision lives on. Our editor-in-chief, Jeff, is the ideal person to oversee the work.

Hearld News is committed to integrity, innovation, and respect for our audience, which guide us in delivering trustworthy news.

Forward-looking Statement

Our seminar may include forecasts, estimations, or other announcements that might be considered forward-looking. While forward-looking statements represent our judgment on the future, they are subject to threats and indecisiveness that could cause outcomes to vary materially. You are precautioned not to place undue dependence on these forward-looking statements, which reflect our sentiments only as of the date of this presentation. Remember that we are not obligating ourselves to publicly release the consequences of any revision to these forward-looking statements in light of new information.