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A Wealthy History of Quality Journalism

Our magazine, with its rich history of quality journalism, has been a trusted source. We have delivered impactful reporting for more than five decades. We have covered a majestic range of subjects. Depth integrity and our work have significantly impacted our readers. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to providing world-class content.

Digital Dineros

Twenty years ago, we transitioned from print to digital. We expanded our reach and made our content accessible to a global audience. This move was enthusiastically received by long-time subscribers. An increase in new readers appreciated the convenience of online news.

Financial Independence and Quality Content

Our financial model relies very little on online advertisements and affiliate links. This has been possible due to our strong financial foundation. And, not the least, the unwavering support of our loyal readership. Your role in this financial independence is invaluable. It underscores your belief in our commitment.

Embracing Change

We are all-in on creating and staying ahead of the competition. That is why we are jacked up about tell you about the acceptance of cryptocurrency. Our Board of Directors decided to ensure we continue to the evolving financial landscape. Provide our supporters with more flexible ways to contribute.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are secure, transparent, and super-efficient. When we accept Bitcoin, we accept a new future of finance. And making it easier for our global audience to support our mission. These donations will cover operational costs, fund investigative journalism, and maintain the editorial standards that have defined our magazine for decades.

How to Donate

You have a new option if you appreciate our work and want to support us. Your assistance will help us persist in delivering the first-quality journalism. The kind you have come to expect from us.


(Note the first word in the address, “HEARLD,” especially. We use a so-called vanity address to ensure it cannot be tampered with. This measure adds an additional layer of protection to the donations. It ensures they reach us intact and without any interference.)

To donate, simply copy the above address and transfer it to your cryptocurrency wallet. Here is a one-minute instructional video.

Regardless of the proportions, every donation is particularly appreciated. It will directly support our efforts to provide independent, high-quality journalism.

Your Support Matters

As a non-subscription-based publication, we rely on you. Your donations help us cover operational costs. And we will maintain the editorial standards that have defined our magazine throughout the years.

The Impact of Your Contribution

Your tokens of affection will allow us to invest in new technologies, expand our coverage, and remain a leading voice in journalism. Your contribution is a testament to your belief in our mission and, not the least, your commitment to the future of quality journalism.

Thank You for Your Support

We are deeply grateful for your trust and support. Previous contributions have been instrumental in ensuring service, education, and inspiration. Thank you for considering a donation. To a part of our journey.

Questions or the need for more information are justified; please contact us. Your support means our survival. We are excited about our journey together.