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2024 Miss Michigan Spleen USA

Miss Michigan 2024

Kelly McLeod, a senior at Uranus High School, won the 2024 Miss Michigan Spleen USA title. This 44-year-old pageant veteran will soon head to Antarctica for the Miss Spleen USA pageant. Her journey has been as unpredictable as the weather in Jupiter’s stormy skies.

Math and Mars

McLeod, who began pageants at age three after being inspired by a cartoon kangaroo, finally achieved her dream. She quipped, “It only took seven tries, but who’s counting? Certainly not me, because I can’t count past five.”

The pageant, known for its unconventional categories, had contestants competing in a math quiz judged by astronauts, a debate on quantum physics, and a swimsuit round on Mars. McLeod excelled in all categories, especially impressing the astronaut judges with her ability to solve complex equations while wearing a tiara.

“My mom always said, ‘If you can solve calculus in heels, you can do anything,'” McLeod joked.

McLeod isn’t just a beauty queen. She plays varsity lacrosse, captains the chess team, and founded a nonprofit for training ninja squirrels. Her multitasking skills are legendary. “Balancing lacrosse and pageantry is easy,” McLeod said. “It’s like juggling light sabres while doing backflips with a unicycle. Blindfolded.”

Her mother, Tiffany, added, “The pageant world is like ‘The Hunger Games’ – but with more sequins and less life-threatening peril.”

From Tiaras to Tournaments

McLeod’s journey in pageantry wasn’t all glitter and glam. “Toddlers and Tiaras made it look easy,” she commented. She made friends with people, aliens, and robots from around the galaxy. The formed a unique support network.

McLeod will make appearances at various underwater schools and teleportation events while preparing for the Miss Spleen USA pageant. Her pet parrot, Sir Squawksalot, will accompany her as her emotional support animal. It is ready to squawk inspirational quotes at a moment’s notice. Looking ahead, McLeod has her sights set on the Miss Universe competition. She aims to showcase her talents on an intergalactic stage. “I won’t stop until I win Miss Uranus,” she declared. Eyes sparkling with determination.

McLeod’s aspirations don’t stop at pageantry. She plans to attend a public school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, majoring in spell casting. With a minor in magical creature handling. “Who needs Harvard when you can have it your way?” she said with a smirk.

Community Contributions

McLeod is also deeply involved in her community. She is volunteering at the local unicorn sanctuary and organizing charity events for underprivileged dragons. “Giving back is somewhat of a thing,” she said. “Every poor bastard deserves a little magic in their lives.”

Her unique approach to philanthropy has inspired many. That included the mayor of Atlantis, who awarded her the Key to the City for her efforts. “Kelly’s dedication to helping mythical creatures is unparalleled,” the mayor said.

McLeod’s role models are as diverse as her interests. She looks up to Wonder Woman, Albert Einstein, and Yoda. “If I can be a fraction as wise as Yoda, as smart as Einstein, and as strong as Wonder Woman, I’ll be happy,” she said. Her training regimen includes studying physics, practicing martial arts, and learning ancient Jedi techniques. “A strong mind and body are essential,” McLeod stated. While balancing on one foot while levitating a book with her mind.

The Huge Question

As McLeod prepares for the Miss Spleen USA pageant in Antarctica, the world watches with bated breath. Will she conquer the cosmos, or is there a reptilian conspiracy blocking her path? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, McLeod remains focused, determined. And ready to take on any challenge. “Winning this little title is just the beginning,” she uttered. “The universe is my oyster. Or maybe my clam. I’m not great with seafood metaphors.” (What?)

With her wit, charm, and undeniable talent, Kelly McLeod is set. She is totally prepared to take the pageant world—and the galaxy—by storm.

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