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A Day of Nothing: Truly Bizarre

Statue of Liberty covered in ice

In a shocking turn of events, absolutely nothing happened in New York City yesterday. This unprecedented occurrence left the Hearld News newsroom scrambling for content. From their state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with genetically modified radio-tuned rats, the team found themselves with an empty docket for the first time.

Rats to the Rescue

Hearld News’s unique process involves sending out these super-rats to gather news overnight. Equipped with tiny notebooks and cameras, these rats usually provide a morning spew of newsworthy content. However, yesterday, they returned empty-handed, leaving the newsroom baffled.

A Joke or Reality?

“Maybe the rats had a party instead,” joked Hearld News junior editor Jenny Clark. “Or maybe they joined a secret rodent union and went on strike for better cheese.”

Some residents suggested that the silence was a government conspiracy. “Maybe the aliens finally decided to let us be,” speculated local conspiracy theorist, Al E. N.

Felonies and Flying Toasters

In a desperate attempt to fill space, the news outlet included a random bit about Donald Trump being found guilty of 34 felony counts. They also reported on flying toasters seen in Park Slope, leading entire patios in cheers. One reader, named Hugh Jass, proposed that the quiet was because of a time-traveling unicorn who reset the day. Another theory involved the ghost of Elvis Presley performing a secret concert in the subway.

Pigeons with Wi-Fi?

Hearld News’s writer, Lo Raloom, jokingly suggested, “Maybe the rats were too busy setting up Wi-Fi for the pigeons.”

With no real news, the team decided to share behind-the-scenes stories. “Did you know our coffee machine is haunted?” one writer quipped. “It only brews decaf on full moons.” In the midst of the chaos, one rat was overheard whispering, “The cats are planning something big.” This has led to further speculation about a possible feline coup.

New York’s First News-Free Day

This marks a historic moment for New York City, a place known for its constant buzz and chaos. “I never thought I’d see the day,” said veteran journalist Biff Borington. “We might have to start making up news if this keeps up.”

Strangely, the day wasn’t entirely devoid of oddities. A local bakery reported an influx of orders for invisible bread. The owner, Jordan Baker, stated, “People love the concept of zero-calorie food.”

This day of nothing also saw the first appearance of the Invisible Man. Sightings were reported across the city, though no one could verify his existence. “I saw him walk right through Times Square,” claimed eyewitness Sue Flay.

Missing Mascot

The city’s mascot, Pigeony McPigeonface, also vanished. Rumors circulated that he had eloped with a sparrow from Brooklyn. “We’re launching a full-scale search,” said city official, Polly Tician.

Another strange report involved floating hotdogs near the Hudson River. Eyewitnesses claimed the hotdogs were singing show tunes. Local performer, Stan Dupp, insisted, “I heard them sing ‘New York, New York’ perfectly!”

The Final Countdown

Will New York City ever experience such a quiet day again? Or is this the start of a new trend where the rats and pigeons control the news? Only time will tell. Or maybe it won’t.

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