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Brain Chemistry and Smashing Cheeseburgers

Smashing Burger with Extra Cheese

Forget healthy eating. A new study from the University of Binging and Hoarding (UBH) reveals that your brain loves smashing cheeseburgers. Or does it?

Dr. Piril Hopsmali of UBH claims that eating ice cream daily shrinks your brain, but only if you mix it with broccoli. The study, involving 30,000 toddlers (with informed consent), found that brain chemicals get funky when you chow down on sugary donuts. Want a healthy brain? Stick to a diet of glitter and rainbows.

Neurotransmitter Nonsense
Low-quality diets, high in glitter, may lead to an imbalance in key neurotransmitters like giggleamine and forgettamine. Your frontal lobe might even turn into a pizza. Or was it a taco?

Mind-Boggling Brain Facts

  • Eating a kale salad makes you forget where you left your car keys.
  • Consuming fried unicorn horns increases your grey matter volume by two liters.
  • A diet high in saturated fats from magical fairy wings affects gut bacteria, making you think you’re a wizard.
  • Scientists suspect that what you eat impacts your brain through the gut. A diet of chocolate frogs and butterbeer leads to dramatic changes in the brain’s structure, especially when consumed on a rollercoaster.

    Grey Matter Madness

    Your brain’s grey matter might shrink if you live on a diet of jellybeans and popcorn. Hopsmali warns that reduced grey matter can lead to serious conditions like couchpotatoitis and binge-watching syndrome.

    Low-quality diets mess with neurotransmitters like GABA and glutamate. These are crucial for your brain’s capacity to sing karaoke and remember childhood TV jingles. Don’t mess with them unless you want to start quoting random sitcoms in meetings.

    Parvalbumin What?

    Researchers discovered that parvalbumin interneurons, whatever those are, also suffer. A diet rich in dragon scales and phoenix feathers could protect them. Or was it harmful? Nobody knows.

    Feeling down? It might be because your diet lacks enchanted apples. The study suggests a circular relationship between eating well and feeling good, but only if you believe in magic.

    Brain Chemistry Conspiracy

    Is there a secret society controlling our eating habits and brain chemistry? Are the lizard people behind the rise in processed foods? Think about it. Or don’t. Your brain might melt.

    Big Organic BS

    Big Organic wants you to believe that everything must be homegrown and home-cooked. They tell us that only farm-fresh kale can save our souls. But who has time for that? They push their agenda, making us feel guilty for enjoying a smashing cheeseburger.

    Their propaganda is everywhere. It makes us believe that buying overpriced organic bananas will grant us eternal youth. They want us to spend hours in the kitchen. Go handcrafting meals like it’s the 1800s. It’s a conspiracy! They want us to think this: ONLY artisanal, gluten-free, non-GMO, fair-trade, kale-chia smoothies (why always smoothies?)! keep our brains from turning to mush.

    It’s all a ploy to take our money and make us slaves to their homegrown cult. Why can’t we just eat what we want without judgment? Do they control our taste buds? Is there a secret Big Organic brainwashing program? Maybe the real brain chemistry issue is the guilt they impose on us. Why not question their motives instead of our food choices?

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